Based in Santa Clarita, SMBC North Volleyball Club fields one to four boys club teams annually across the 14's-18's age groups with all practices held at our exclusive two-court, 13,000 square foot facility located at 28325 Constellation Road, Valencia, CA. The Director of SMBC North is long-time popular Santa Clarita coach Kristin Dolan alongside Assistant Director Mary Irilian. We also have a Boys Youth Program:

    # - North - Youth "Lite" Program ... For 4th-6th Graders
    # - North - Non-Travel "Juniors" ... For 7th-8th Graders

SMBC North looks to offer an exciting mixture of quality coaching and club stability for the benefit of the Santa Clarita boys athletes and their families. Our North coaching staff features an excellent array of experienced, recognizable area coaches; we look forward to what the coming year brings for SMBC North!