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JUNE 2018 - The Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA) is pleased to announce it is joining forces with Ventura County Volleyball Club (BVC) to provide quality, competitive indoor girls and boys volleyball training for the Ventura County area. LAVA Ventura County will become the girls volleyball club branch and SMBC VC will become the boys volleyball branch, all run and operated out of LAVA VC’s exclusive two-court facility in Camarillo, CA, and its school facility at Ventura Missionary.

LAVA is an affiliation of junior volleyball clubs in Southern California, one of the largest such organizations west of the Rockies, featuring some of the best and brightest athletes, coaches, and administrators in the region. LAVA’s Mission Statement is best and succinctly summed up with the phrase Volleyball Done Differently, as the organization strives to do differently, and better, in every single aspect of its enterprise.

VCVC is a popular and successful girls and boys volleyball club serving the Ventura County area with five years spent training and developing the young male athletes of the community. VCVC has had significant achievements during its operations and developed a strong reputation in both the girls and boys volleyball community in a short period of time, and now joins the LAVA/SMBC brand ready to take a new bold step!

LAVA Girls is nationally renowned as an excellent girls club volleyball organization. LAVA Ventura County (LAVA VC for short) will become the sixth girls affiliate, following LAVA North in Santa Clarita, LAVA South in the San Fernando Valley, LAVA East in Corona, LAVA West in Thousand Oaks, and LAVA Shack in West Los Angeles. LAVA Ventura County merges Ventura County Volleyball Club (VCVC) with current LAVA affiliate LAVA Islands to create LAVA VC.

Established in 1982, SMBC Boys is the official boys volleyball program of LAVA and one of the oldest boys clubs in the country. SMBC Boys has left an indelible mark on the volleyball community with more than 50 medals earned in national competition, second most overall of any boys club in the nation. The program is a well-respected juggernaut with alumni scattered throughout the men’s collegiate ranks (USC, Irvine, Pepp, Ohio State, UCSB, Lewis, and CSUN, to name a few). SMBC Ventura County merges SMBC Boys with VCVC to create SMBC VC.

The partnership between LAVA, SMBC and VCVC is effective immediately as the new organization looks to girls tryouts in August and boys tryouts in September. Says LAVA West Director Trevor Julian: “Our goal in any partnership is to work with good people who, first and foremost, care deeply about people and families. The Yoshimoto Family care deeply about the athletes under their charge and work tirelessly to help them succeed. We look forward to working with them to continue the strong athletic development of Ventura County’s future leading men and women.”

For more info on LAVA, SMBC or VCVC, or their exciting new partnership, please contact Steve Yoshimoto at (805-340-9978 or yosh@venturacountyvbc.com or Trevor Julian at (818) 631-7785 or trevor.julian@lavacademy.com.

We’ll see you in the gym!