The Juniors Program at LAVA VC offers middle school athletes a non-travel training option for several years. The program runs in seasonal sessions with one weekly practice typically on Friday afernoons 5:00p-6:30p at the VC Facility (161 Plaza La Vista, Camarillo).

Who: 6th, 7th & 8th Graders
When: Fridays 5:00p-6:30p
Where: Lava VC Facility

Current session information is available online and all registration and payment is submitted online. Please click the link below to access our VC Juniors Sign Up page.



# - WHAT IS LAVA JUNIORS? ... LAVA Juniors is the official non-travel training program of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA). The Juniors Program is for middle school age girls (6th-8th grades) who are not looking to play on a travel club volleyball team, but who wish to keep their skills up either out of love for the game or a desire to play in high school, or both! This "Non-Travel" program limits both the cost and time commitment required to participate, but still provides excellent training and development at the hands of our exemplary coaching staff.
# - HOW ADVANCED IS THE PROGRAM? ... It is for High Beginner and Intermediate level players and is a great stepping stone for those not yet ready to take the plunge into full club volleyball. Many of our high school aged club athletes got their start in the Juniors Program. Players who are more advanced should contact our Director Steve Yoshimoto for more info about available programs for advanced athletes; her info is under the Our Director tab.

# - WHEN IS JUNIORS OFFERED? ... There are four annual Juniors sessions: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. Each session consists of 6-12 weeks (based on season) with one scheduled practice per week.

# - WHAT IS THE COST? ... The cost per player runs from $75-$195 per session (based on length of session).

# - WHERE DO I SIGN UP/PAY? ... Registration is available online; click the link above to register and submit payment to sign your child up for the program.

# - BOYS JUNIORS OPTIONS ... Junior boys have youth training options of their own with several SMBC Boys locations offering boys-specific programs. Please click here to visit the Boys Youth page.

# - ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROGRAM (LAVA LITE) ... The Juniors Program is for middle school athletes. Our Lite Program is for elementary school athletes (3rd-5th grades). Please click here to access the Lite page.