SMBC Boys Volleyball Club was established in 1982 and is one of the longest running and most historically successful boys volleyball clubs in the country, winning more than fifty medals in national competitions since its inception. SMBC Boys has five distinct locations in Southern California.

The history of SMBC South is the history of SMBC Boys. The original SMBC Boys location, the South began with one team in Santa Monica in 1982 before moving to the San Fernando Valley in late 90's to continue its winning ways. At this time, the SMBC South program has merged with the SMBC Shack and has made its way back to the West Side, practicing out of Marymount High School. Contact our Director is Ryan Van Loo at or (818) 795-2276.

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Youth & Juniors Program @ SMBC SOUTH

Skills Development and Games
Youth Programs for 4th-6th Graders
Juniors Programs for 7th-9th Graders
Multi-Week, Seasonal Sessions

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Preparation for Club Tryouts (Sept)
Multiple Stand-Alone Offerings
Mid-August Thru Mid-September
For All Ages

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Off-Season Program @ SMBC SOUTH

Summer Programs (July/August)
Open Gyms & Pre-Tryout Clinics (Aug/Sept)
Positional Training (February/March)
For 4th-12th Grade Boys

Skill Clinics

Skill-Specific or Position-Specific
Usually One Day, 75-90 Mins
Multiple Days Offered

Multi-Day Camps

Half-Day (2-3 Hours) or
Full-Day (4-5 Hours) Camps
Multiple Weeks Offered

Training Pods

Fixed Group Training
7-12 Players per Group
Multi-Week Sessions

Bi-Weekly Workshops

Each Workshop is One Week
2 Days/Week & 75 Mins/Day
Skills Work & Game Play

Youth Programs

For 4th-6th Grade Boys
Skill-Building and Fun Games
Multi-Week Sessions

Position Academies

Highly Focused Training
One-Hour Standalone Clinics
High Reps, Highly Technical


For more general information on the Programs at SMBC Boys, please refer to the Frequently Asked Question boxes below. Click the text to expand the section for specific answers to each question. You can also contact our Director Ryan Van Loo at

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