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national travel teams @ lava


At LAVA, our National Travel Teams are considered Full Travel. National travel teams have a schedule that includes both regional tournaments and national tournaments. Athletes who participate on full travel teams have a strong commitment to and passion for the sport of volleyball, a willingness to expend the time and effort required to train in pursuit of greater development and higher competition.

We have two national travel team designations, "Adidas" teams and "Black" teams. Adidas teams (ex: Lava North 14-Adidas) are comprised of top-tier athletes who seek to train and compete at the highest levels of club volleyball, dedicated and often driven with aspirations of continuing their post-club playing career at the collegiate level. Black team athletes are also dedicated and passionate, looking to train and compete at high levels, definitely playing on their high school volleyball teams, potentially interested in playing in college.

The competition schedule for national travel teams includes:

# - Regional Tournaments ... A series of 6 one-day events and 1 two-day event hosted by the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA), the governing body for club volleyball in Southern California. The first tournament is in December with the rest spaced from January to June, most commonly held in Anaheim or its surrounding communities. For the complete schedule of SCVA tournaments, please click here to visit the SCVA’s Schedule Page.

# – National Tournaments … National tournaments are multi-day tournaments open to teams from across the country and outside the SCVA’s regional competition schedule as explained above. Most are held out-of-state. Each team will also attend a national year-end tournament, a 4-day event held out-of-state at the end of June.

# - 12's Division Exception ... Teams in the 12's age division differ from those 13's-18's. All 12's teams, even those designated Adidas and Black, are considered Regional Travel Teams only. They do not include national tournament events, though specific locations might offer such tournaments as add-on events.

Not all full travel teams travel the same amount; Adidas teams will travel extensively (2-4 national travel tournaments per year), while Black teams will travel to a lesser degree (1-2 national travel tournaments per year). In some locations and specific age groups, the travel schedule for Adidas and Black teams are the same.

All teams participate in the regional SCVA tournament schedule, but the amount of a given team’s national travel depends upon its location, age division, and particular team goals.

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