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REGIONAL travel teams @ lava


At LAVA, our Regional Travel Teams are considered Limited Travel. Regional travel teams have a schedule that includes regional tournaments (in and around the Southern California region), but no national out-of-region travel tournaments. Athletes who participate on limited travel teams have a strong passion for volleyball and benefit from strong training at the hands of our excellent LAVA coaches, but without the greater time and/or monetary commitments that come with playing upon one of our full travel teams.

We have two national travel team designations, "Red" teams and "White" teams. Red teams typically practice twice per week; White teams typically practice once per week. The competition schedule for regional travel teams includes:

# - Regional Tournaments ... A series of 6 one-day events and 1 two-day event hosted by the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA), the governing body for club volleyball in Southern California. Note: Not all Red teams or White teams attend all SCVA tournaments; the schedule is based upon location and availability. The first tournament is in December with the rest spaced from January to June, most commonly held in Anaheim or its surrounding communities. For the complete schedule of SCVA tournaments, please click here to visit the SCVA’s Schedule Page.

# – National Tournaments … Regional Travel Teams are considered Limited Travel and do not attend national tournaments.

# - 12's Division Exception ... All teams in the 12's age division are considered Regional Travel (Limited Travel), even those designated Adidas and Black. They do not include national tournament events, though specific locations might offer such tournaments as add-on events. Additionally, not all 12's teams will attend all SCVA tournaments; the schedule is built-to-suit somewhat by location.

Red teams and White teams participate in the regional SCVA tournament schedule, but do not travel nationally.

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