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Our Primary Goal at LAVA is to provide quality volleyball instruction and athletic education for our players, parents, and families. Our exemplary training regimen — crafted by the founding members and directors of LAVA and SMBC — is one of the most structured in the region. We offer nationally competitive travel teams, regionally competitive limited travel teams, non-travel training programs, youth skills programs, private lessons, semi-private lessons, and myriad workshop and clinic sessions throughout the year.

Our coaches recognize the exceptional responsibility inherent to coaching — the fact that in life, the role of a coach is often second in weight and influence only to that of an athlete’s parents. Our coaches, therefore, take this responsibility very seriously: we believe the responsibility of coaching is less a weight placed on our shoulders and more an incredible opportunity to influence young people positively through the sport of volleyball; we believe every coach is charged with the duty to help his or her players become responsible, autonomous individuals; and we believe coaches should commit to improving the skills of their players, should foster a strong sense of self-confidence in their players, and should do everything in their power to help their players, and their teams, succeed.

At LAVA we work with an understanding of what we consider our Three Core Values, a set of philosophies designed to help our players, parents, and coaches know their roles, understand and acknowledge their responsibilities, and achieve their dreams.

With multiple affiliates across Southern California, LAVA spans a great distance geographically, but no matter many miles separate our programs, there are two universal constants the bind our coaches and administrators together — an understanding of our Core Values and a subscription to the idea of Volleyball Done Differently.


There is nothing more important
than the sanctity of one’s integrity and this is especially true in the realm of youth sports and club volleyball, in particular.

We work hard to make it a priority to do better and differently in every single aspect of our enterprise, and this includes our directors, our administrators, and most significantly our coaches.

We ask our coaches to teach the skills, teach the meaning of teamwork, treat people fairly, answer questions honestly, and strive to do better — as befits individuals of high integrity and character.


We are a sports-based organization;
the fundamental element of sports is competition. While integrity is crucial, competition is the central component of our product — the sport of volleyball.

We train and develop our athletes, guide and grow their skills, and seek to foster within them a competitiveness that will transfer onto the court and help them perform to the best of their abilities.

The goal for each of our teams, no matter the overall level, is to work hard, seek to improve, and compete to the best of their abilities ... and winning is the ultimate by-product of accomplishing these goals.


It is said nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion — and in the realm of athletics its truth cannot be overstated.

The determination to play with passion is a primary force separating average from good, good from great, great from extraordinary, and quality teams and teammates from their lesser counterparts.

We speak this truth to our players as we strive to nurture their passion for volleyball and bring it forth to flourish on the court: play together, play for each other, come to play, and play to win — but above all, play with passion.