We offer a full slate of Summer Programs across all LAVA locations. Our offerings are highly effective for skills development and stoking passion for volleyball, as well as highly affordable and varied in scope. We have something for everyone -- and all teaching is provided at the hands of our exemplary LAVA coaching staff. Some of the most popular programs you might find are listed below.

*Summer 2023 Sign Ups are Starting to Launch by Location*
*Now Available: Lava West & Lava North*

Skill Clinics

Skill-Specific or Position-Specific
Usually One Day, 75-90 Mins
Multiple Days Offered

Multi-Day Camps

Half-Day (2-3 Hours) or
Full-Day (4-5 Hours) Camps
Multiple Weeks Offered

Training Pods

Fixed Group Training
7-12 Players per Group
Multi-Week Sessions

Bi-Weekly Workshops

Each Workshop is One Week
2 Days/Week & 75 Mins/Day
Skills Work & Game Play

Youth Programs

3rd-6th Grade Programs
Youth Lite, Advanced Lite
Multi-Week Sessions

Position Academies

Highly Focused Training
One-Hour Standalone Clinics
High Reps, Highly Technical

Each location has its own unique summer offerings and schedule. For more info or to access a specific location, please click the corresponding location box below.