Instagram Recruiting Profiles

Instagram has become a popular recruiting tool for colleges and athletes. The easy-access platform allows users to create a highlight reel of their experiences that includes video and photo updates. It is essentially an athlete’s digital sports diary. Athletes should consider creating an Instagram account specific to volleyball to showcase their skills and highlight their personalities.


  1. Use your full name in your bio.
  2. Your username should include at least your entire last name and be easily searchable and recognizable.
  3. Choose a profile photo that shows your face. If possible, these should be identical across all your recruiting platforms including SportsRecruits and YouTube.

Your Instagram bio should include the basic information coaches need to recruit you. Here are some things to include:

  • Your height
  • Your graduation year
  • Your club: @lavacademy (make sure you tag the main account)
  • Your location/where you're from
  • Your GPA
  • Finally, include a link to your SportsRecruits profile. Athletes should seize every opportunity there is for a coach to see videos of them. There is a specific place to include a link, that should be a direct link to your profile. If you have more than one link to share (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) then you can create a profile and include that instead. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to create a profile


Instagram video is available in five formats: Reels, Live, UGTV, Stories, and Posts. You don’t need to use all of them to get recruited but sharing video content is one of the most important aspects of successful recruiting profiles.

The length of the video you post on Instagram depends on the type of format you're posting in:

  • Instagram video posts. Added the same way images are posted and will show up in your followers’ timelines. Instagram video posts can be 3-60 seconds long and multiple videos can be posted in one post. Athletes should post their best game highlights, plus skill workouts from practices or one-on-ones, directly on their Instagram profile to give coaches a real-time look into their daily routine and progress.
  • Stories. Create 15-second clips of either images or videos that will disappear after 24 hours. You can also save expired stories to a “Highlights” section on your Instagram profile.  You can share a copy of your post in your story to try and get more views.
  • IGTV. Share longer videos, up to 60 minutes. These must be pre-recorded and uploaded. You can use IGTV to feature full highlight videos that are clipped from your game film.
  • Live. "Live stream” video content from a phone. Video can last up to 4 hours, and once finished they can be saved to IGTV or shared for 30 days before they are deleted. Take advantage of Instagram Live by streaming games, competitions, or training sessions.
  • Reels. These are 15-30 second video clips displayed in a user’s feed once posted. Reels are a great way for student-athletes to jump on current social media trends and share video content with Instagram followers. This is also a great place to show your personality... do something with your teammates that is fun or creative!


Adding highlights allows you to categorize and display expired stories directly on your Instagram profile. Create highlights that you think coaches want to know or see about you as a prospective recruit. Here are some categories to consider including on your recruiting profile:

  • Game highlights
  • Sport-specific skills and drills
  • Sport-related challenges
  • Team related content
  • High school or club team schedule and updates
  • Social media trends


Coaches look at Instagram to get a sense of your personality and character. But they also want to see your growth as a player as you continue to develop your volleyball skills over time. A regularly updated Instagram is an excellent resource for coaches to keep up with you. Consider sharing content that highlights your work ethic and gives coaches continuous updates on your athletic and recruiting progress.

  • Game highlights. This is the best way to showcase your talent to coaches. Highlight your favorite games and big moments.
  • Tournaments, camps, and showcases. Coaches want to see that you’re attending the most competitive events. Document your recent experiences at these events using posts, sharing via stories, and adding to your highlights.
  • Training sessions. Capture what you’re doing in each of your training sessions. Show coaches that you are putting in the work to make yourself a better athlete through strength exercises and drills.
  • Social media trends. Instagram can be a great place for recruits to show off some cool tricks and skills. Pay attention to current fun trends on social media, and if you see anything related to your sport or unique skillset, film a video of yourself and put your own little twist on it to post to Instagram.
  • Photos with teammates. Coaches want to find athletes who are good teammates. Posting photos of you hanging out with your teammates, or celebrating a big win together is important for coaches to see.


  • Follow the college programs that you're interested in and they might immediately follow you back
  • Share your Instagram profile link when you email coaches
  • Include your Instagram username on your SportsRecruits website at the end of your bio