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  • Club Volleyball are organizations that train athletes in the sport of volleyball so they can compete following the normal school season. Volleyball clubs are independent of each other and privately owned. The word “club” typically
    describes an organization that has teams for many different age groups and levels. Clubs vary in size from 1 or 2 teams to up to 80 plus. (LAVA had 83 teams
    this past season across all of its divisions)
  • Club volleyball is a HUGE commitment of time. The club season generally begins in November and runs through mid-April for in region play and can run through early July for teams going to the Junior National Championships, Volleyball Festival, or AAU's. Teams generally practice around 2 hours at a time and practice 1-3 times per week. Teams will generally play in at least 6 tournaments (some will play in as many as 12). Tournaments last from 1 day up to 4 days.
  • Tryouts for u15-18s are in July.
  • Tryouts for u11-14s will be October.
  • How to compete in a positive and respectful environment
  • What it means to represent a team and an organization
  • Learning to set short term and long term goals
  • The values of teamwork, composure, and self-motivation
  • That winning requires hard work and losing means learning
  • One plays more than 50+ matches in a club setting versus 20-30 in high school. The value of touches and the competitive environment
    accelerates the learning curve.
  • For all athletes who have aspirations in playing at the next level in
    college, then club volleyball is necessary. College coaches do the
    majority of their recruiting during club season and are at many of the
    national qualifier & showcase tournaments. At LAVA we work hard with
    our athletes through the entire recruiting process. We make sure you
    are doing all the things you need to do. At LAVA we have contributed
    and helped numerous athletes reach the collegiate level.
  • We encourage our players to stay active by playing other sports, especially off season! We designed our practices to be after normal HS practice hours not to conflict with high school practices. We also work closely with the other coaches to make sure that the player is not getting penalized, on both sports, if they have to miss due to a game. We also have our tournaments on weekends which
    rarely conflicts with HS sports.
  • We have several programs for girls wanting to get into volleyball. Our
    introductory LITE Clinics (ages 8-12) offer once a week instruction on the basic fundamentals from our seasoned club coaches. Click here to go to LITE Clinics.
  • Our JUNIORS program caters to athletes (ages 9-14) who are interested in receiving more club-like experience. Juniors practice once a week and participate in tournaments against other LAVA divisions. Click here to go to JUNIORS Clinics.

We typically take between 10 to 12 players on each team.

  • Sometimes as parents we wonder and even worry about whether we should encourage our kids to jump into a sport or whether we should possibly slow them down until they’ve gotten a little older. When it comes to volleyball, it’s
    no different.
  • It’s good for younger children that are 5, 6, or 7 years old to start playing games that are similar to volleyball or based on volleyball skills even though they may not be big enough and physically able to play full-scale volleyball.
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  • Please reach out to our admin monitored payment email at
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Candice Tunis leads our travel arrangements. She can be contacted at

  • Please see attached excused absence letter for the year.
  • Limited Travel (ltd) = Parents are responsible for all player related travel expenses, including hotel and transportation to and from the tournament city (including airfare, if applicable).
  • Full Travel (Full) = LAVA arranges tournament travel expenses for all athletes, including hotel and transport to and from the city location, but excluding player
    food money. All costs for Full Travel events are included in the fees listed on the info Sheet. Full Travel is usually reserved for events held in California or Las Vegas. A chaperone is required (athletes stay together in rooms at the hotel overseen by the chaperone); chaperone hotel is covered.
  • USA Volleyball sanctioned events and AAU sanctioned events require that we book rooms through their partnered travel services. It is referred to as a “Stay and Play.”
  • What is Stay & Play? Each participating team has a specific room nights quota they must achieve (stay) to be able to play in the event (play). Most events are Stay & Play; it is worth noting that Stay & Play is not a
    LAVA-mandated rule but is often required due to host policy.

In order for the individual athlete to be successful, leading to team success, the athlete needs to be settled and well rested prior to play. This goes for am and pm pool play. Even if pm pool play starts at 2pm we do not want players
traveling the day of play.

Player checklist is attached here.