Pre-Tryout Clinics are designed to help athletes prepare for Club Tryouts for their given age division, as well as help prospective club athletes get a sense of what LAVA is all about. Each location has its own specific Pre-Tryout Clinic and Club Tryout details, times, and info; click your preferred location below for the full list of offerings.

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15's-18's Age Divisions
For 9th-12th Grade Girls
Pre-Tryout Clinics = June/July
Club Tryouts = July 22, 2023

Pre-Tryout Clinics
Skills Training & Showcase Events
Highly Recommended Prior to Tryouts
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10's-14's Age Divisions
For 4th-8th Grade Girls
Pre-Tryout Clinics = Aug/Sept
Club Tryouts = Sept 30, 2023

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For additional information regarding Club Tryouts, please click here to email our staff.