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The Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA) is a youth and juniors club volleyball organization for girls and boys with multiple locations in and around Los Angeles, CA. Established in 2010, LAVA is one of the premier junior athletic organizations in Southern California, featuring some of the best and brightest coaches and athletes in the region.

Our multiple affiliate locations compete under the regional jurisdiction of the Southern California Volleyball Association (SCVA), which claims the largest enrollment of players in the country. There are more active players and clubs in Southern California than anywhere else — and LAVA as a whole is one of the largest clubs in the SCVA, combining for more than 50 teams and 500 athletes each year. LAVA teams can be found in each of the eight distinct age divisions in the SCVA.

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At LAVA, our primary goal is simple: to develop the finest junior athletes and coaches in the region, an athletic blend of talent and technical mastery, volleyball acumen, competitiveness, work ethic, and mental toughness—all bolstered by an enduring and unbridled passion for the game. As a result, we’re known for having exceptional coaches who produce well-trained, technically proficient athletes who know how to play hard, play the right way, and play with heart.

While training performance athletes is the biggest part of what we do at LAVA, we also strive to remain honest and forthright in all our actions and dealings. We’re built around notions of family, loyalty, dedication, and reliability; we strive to create an environment our players, parents, and coaches are proud of, feel comfortable with, and consider much like a little piece of themselves, with the pursuit of new friendships, exciting new experiences, and stoking volleyball passion just a few of our objectives. In short, we strive to develop not only quality female athletes, but also remarkable young women.

Our LAVA family — players, parents, coaches, and administrators — bring unique backgrounds, strong characters, vibrant personalities, valuable experience, and a steadfast dedication to LAVA, but foremost an enduring passion for the sport of volleyball and a driving desire to do good and right by everyone in our athletic community.

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The LAVA Girls Program houses six affiliate locations in and around Southern California. Our locations offer national full travel teams, regional limited travel teams, and non-travel training programs for youth and junior athletes: LAVA North (Santa Clarita), LAVA West (Thousand Oaks), LAVA South (Studio City), LAVA East (Corona), LAVA Shack (West Los Angeles), and LAVA Ventura "VC" (Ventura County).

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SMBC Boys Volleyball Club is one of the longest-running boys volleyball clubs in the country. Established in 1982 in Santa Monica (hence its name: Santa Monica Beach Club for Boys), the club joined LAVA in 2010 as its exclusive boys program. SMBC Boys has four affiliate locations: SMBC West (Thousand Oaks), SMBC North (Santa Clarita), and SMBC Shack (West Los Angeles) and SMBC South (Encino), the latter two of which work collaboratively with one another.



The Official Beach Program of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (LAVA) kicked off in June 2022 with a slew of locations and merging with popular beach volleyball club The Ten BVC. We have launched five locations at present: Thousand Oaks, Chatsworth, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, and Ventura, with program roll-outs varying by location. We will offer multiple types of training to suit all ages and needs.