With its mantra of #BuiltTough and operating out of its own exclusive facility in the heart of Valencia, SMBC North is an excellent training and competition option for the male athletes of Santa Clarita, CA. Come experience for yourself what the North has to offer - join us at club tryouts!

To learn more about SMBC North, click here.

Athletes who preregister online will be notified via email as soon as times and/or locations are finalized, as well as with any health and safety protocol changes necessary to know in advance of the event. Preregister early to stay informed!

All SMBC North tryouts will be held at the SMBC North Facility, 28325 Constellation Road, Valencia.

#  -  Club Tryouts . . . All Age Divisions (5th-12th Graders)

Primary Tryouts  -  Saturday September 10, 2022

14's, 15's & 16's   ...   Sat Sept 10  ...   8:30a-10:00a   ...   @ SMBC North

17's & 18's   ...   Sat Sept 10  ...   10:30a-12:00p   ...   @ SMBC North

Make-Up Tryouts 
*Make-ups by appointment only. Please contact our Director.

- Cost -
$20 per Player (Regular Registration)
$30 per Player (Sept 10 or Later)

- Location -
28325 Constellation Road, Valencia, CA (SMBC North)

For those families who do not wish to participate in a group tryout setting, we offer the option of private individual or small group evaluations. If interested, please contact our Director to set up your evaluation.

*Health and Safety Protocols @ Tryouts ... SMBC North has earned significant praise for its handling of the pandemic. We will employ health protocols during tryouts that have proven successful during and will work to ensure the safety of all athletes. Exact protocols will be determined closer to tryouts based on current conditions and guidelines. We are committed to hosting tryouts that are as effective competitively for our athletes as they are safe for our athletes. If you have questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Director.

It is possible space will remain on select teams in the days following tryouts. If interested, please contact our Director.

Have Any Other Questions? Please Contact Our Director!

Rick Phillips - Director, SMBC North
(cell) 661-713-7701

2022-2023 CLUB SEASON

18’s Division
Born After 07/01/03

17’s Division
Born After 07/01/05

16’s Division
Born After 07/01/06

15’s Division
Born After 07/01/07

14’s Division
Born After 07/01/08

13’s Division
Born After 07/01/09

12’s Division
Born After 07/01/10