The Non-Travel Program is a skills training program for middle school athletes (6th-8th grade girls) not playing club volleyball on a travel team, but who wish to keep their skills up either out of love for the game or a desire to play for their school team, or both! Our Non-Travel Programs limit both the cost and time commitment required to participate, but still provides excellent training at the hands of our exemplary LAVA coaching staff.

We have two Non-Travel Programs: the Juniors Program (for 6th-8th grade girls) and the 6th Grade Series (for sixth grade girls only).

- For Middle School Athletes -

Juniors Program - For 6th-8th Graders
6th Grade Series - For 6th Graders Only
*9th Graders Can Participate with Approval*

- Four Annual Sessions -

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall
Special Additional Sessions by Location
*Length Varies, Usually Six to Ten Weeks*

- All Skills Levels Welcome -

Beginners, Intermediates & Advanced
Multiple Courts Utilized If Skill Level Varies
*Contact Location Director for Guidance*

- Jamboree Events -

Special Competition Events Hosted by LAVA
Standalone Events 2-3 Times per Year
*Location Varies, Ask Director for Details*

Non-Travel and Juniors Programs operate out of many distinct locations. Click the boxes below for more on the location nearest you!


For more general information on the LAVA Juniors Program, please refer to the Frequently Asked Question boxes below. Click the text to expand the section for specific answers to each question.

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