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The Juniors Program is for middle school age girls (6th-8th grades) who are not looking to play on a travel club volleyball team, but who wish to keep their skills up either out of love for the game or a desire to play in high school, or both!

The Juniors Program limits both the cost and time commitment required to participate, but still provides excellent training at the hands of our exemplary LAVA coaching staff.

Click the boxes below for multiple Juniors Program locations.


# - General Details ... There are four annual Juniors sessions: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. Each session consists of 6-10 weeks (length is based on season and location), with one scheduled practice per week. The cost to participate runs from $75-$175 per player per session (variability based on length of session).

# - How Do I Know Which Location ... There are several LAVA affiliate locations that have Juniors Programs : North (Santa Clarita), South (North Hollywood), East (Corona), West (Thousand Oaks), Shack (West Los Angeles), and VC (Camarillo).

# - How to Register ... Online registration can be accessed by location below; register and submit payment online to sign your child up for the program.

# - Age Range ... The Juniors Program is for middle school athletes in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, but 9th graders (who keenly wish to play) are allowed to participate in the Juniors with Director approval.

# - Athlete Experience or Skill ... The Juniors Program offers something for everyone, from those who have never played before to those who have attended multiple Juniors sessions. No experience required; beginner and intermediate players welcome!

# - My Child is Advanced ... Please contact the Director of the location you are interested in to discuss options for your advanced athlete.

# - Boys Juniors Options ... Junior boys have youth training options of their own with several SMBC Boys locations offering boys-specific programs. Please click here to visit the Boys Youth page.

# - Elementary School Program (LAVA Lite) ... The Juniors Program is for middle school athletes. Our Lite Program is for elementary school athletes (3rd-5th grades). Please click here to access the Lite page.


LAVA North is based in Santa Clarita. The Lite Program at LAVA North typically runs on Sunday mornings out of the North Facility at 28325 Constellation Road, Valencia, CA. The Director of LAVA North is Kristin Dolan. The Head of the North Juniors Program is Brittani Elser.

Kristin Dolan - North Club Director ... (cell) 661-713-5123 ... (email)
Brittani Elser - North Juniors Director ... (cell) 661-414-4949 ... (email)


LAVA South is based in North Hollywood/Burbank. The Juniors Program at LAVA South typically runs on Saturday or Sunday mornings out of Oakwood School (11600 West Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood) or Providence School (511 South Buena Vista, Burbank). The Director of LAVA South is Sheldon Sheehy. The Head of the South Juniors Program is Breanna Avila.

Sheldon Sheehy - South Club Director ... (cell) 818-419-1332 ... (email)
Breanna Avila - South Lite Director ... (cell) xxx ... (email) xxx


LAVA West is based in Thousand Oaks. The Juniors Program at LAVA West typically runs on Saturdays or Sundays evenings out of Colina Middle School at 1500 Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA. The Director of LAVA West is Trevor Julian; Trevor also directly oversees the West Juniors Program.

Trevor Julian - West Club Director ... (cell) 818-631-7785 ... (email)


LAVA Shack is based in West Los Angeles. The Juniors Program at LAVA Shack typically runs on Sunday evenings out of Marymount School at 10643 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. The Director of LAVA Shack is Nabil Mardini. The Head of the Shack Juniors Program is Catarina Marbach.

Nabil Mardini - Shack Club Director ... (cell) 310-433-2623 ... (email)
Catarina Marbach - Shack Juniors Director ... (cell)
818-667-5871 ... (email)


LAVA VC is based in Camarillo. The Juniors Program at LAVA VC typically runs on Friday afternoons out of the VC Facility at 161 Plaza La Vista, Camarillo, CA. The Director of LAVA VC is Steve "Yosh" Yoshimoto. The Head of the VC Juniors Program is Kristen Casillas.

Steve "Yosh" Yoshimoto - VC Club Director ... (cell) 805-340-9978 ... (email)
Kristen Casillas - VC Juniors Director ... (cell) 805-377-4947 ... (email)

Boys YOUTH PROGRAMS @ smbc boys

SMBC Boys has four locations: SMBC South (Encino), SMBC West (Thousand Oaks), SMBC VC (Camarillo), and SMBC North (Santa Clarita). There are potential Juniors Programs at each of our locations. Here is the contact info for each of our locations:

Chris Reyes - South Club Director ... (cell) 805-404-3780 ... (email)
Matt Diaz - West Club Director ... (cell) 818-395-4495 ... (email)

Steve "Yosh" Yoshimoto - VC Club Director ... (cell) 805-340-9978 ... (email)
Kristin Dolan - North Club Director ... (cell) 661-713-5123 ... (email)