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The Lite Program is the official youth girls program of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy (known as LAVA), designed to give female elementary school athletes a taste of volleyball in a fun environment that combines quality skills training with lots of fun games.

*For 2nd-6th Grade Girls*
*6th Grade Girls Participate in Lite in Summer & Fall*
*6th Graders Should Try Juniors Program in Winter/Spring*
*2nd Graders Can Participate Winter/Spring*

The Lite Program operates out of many distinct locations. Click the boxes below for more on the location nearest you!


Further information on our Lite Program is listed below. Click the text to expand the section for more information.


There are four annual Lite sessions: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. Each session consists of 6-10 weeks (length is based on season and location), with one scheduled practice per week. The cost to participate runs from $75-$175 per player per session (variability based on length of session and location). Some locations might also include Special Sessions as the schedule dictates or group their seasonal sessions more specifically by month (ex: Sept/Oct instead of 'Fall').



Most people pick the location nearest or most convenient for them! Some people pick based on how many of their daughter's friends attend the same location program. There are several LAVA affiliate locations that have Lite Programs: North (Santa Clarita), South (North Hollywood), East (Corona), West (Thousand Oaks), Shack (West Los Angeles), and VC (Camarillo).



Online registration can be accessed by location above; click the location box, then register and submit payment online to sign your child up for the program.



The Lite Program is for elementary school athletes in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, but 6th graders (who would prefer Lite over the Juniors Program) are allowed to participate in the Lite with Director approval. From July through October, rising 6th graders are encouraged to attend the Lite.



Lite Plus is the advanced form of Lite for players who've come further along. Not all locations and/or not all season sessions will feature Lite Plus Programs. For Director approval to participate in the Lite Plus or Advanced Programs, please contact the Division Director specific to your location.



The Lite Program offers something for everyone, from those who have never played before to those who have attended multiple Lite sessions. No experience required; beginner and intermediate players welcome!



Please contact the Director of the location you are interested in to discuss options for your advanced athlete.



Yes, we do! Our LAVA Juniors Program is for middle school aged athletes (6th-8th grades). Call me if there is a change. Please click here to access the Juniors page.



Youth boys are allowed to participate in the Lite Program, but several locations also offer boys-specific youth programs. Please click here to visit the Boys Youth page. Feel free to sign your son up for the Lite, as well.