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The Mission Statement of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy is succinctly and best summed up with a single phrase: Volleyball Done Differently. We strive to do differently, to do better, in every conceivable aspect of our enterprise.

The goal of our organization is two-fold: first, to provide quality volleyball training and coaching for as many youth and junior male and female athletes as possible, and second, to offer quality education and guidance to the coaches, players, parents, and families of our local communities, not to mention our regional whole.

In a club volleyball landscape that has deteriorated in recent years — with regard to how clubs treat one another in their discourse, with regard to the off-season marketing and tryout process, with regard to providing value in line with the cost of play, to honesty and integrity, and to the overall environment of our region — LAVA is committed as a collective to setting a course and navigating a path with the highest ethical standards of behavior.

We pledge to do differently — to do better — in everything we do and will work tirelessly to ensure our coaches, directors, administrators, players, parents, and everyone else associated with us here at LAVA understands this and follows our example. This is the mission of the Los Angeles Volleyball Academy!