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club tryouts @ LAVA West (THOUSAND OAKS)

Welcome to the Club Tryouts Information Page for LAVA West Volleyball Club for Girls, based in Thousand Oaks. LAVA West fields more than a dozen competitive girls teams and is the dominant club of the Conejo Valley with a vast array of successes across the eight age divisions (11's-18's) of girls club volleyball.

club tryouts @ lava west
2019-2020 Girls season

Players are strongly encouraged to attend Primary Tryouts for their age group. Team roster spots are not guaranteed to remain available after primary tryouts.

# - 11's-14's Age Divisions - #

Sat October 05, 2019 - Primary Tryouts
11's & 12's   ...    Sat Oct 05    ...    9:15a-10:45a    ...    @ Colina MS
13's & 14's   ...    Sat Oct 05    ...    11:30a-1:30p    ...    @ Colina MS

Sun October 06, 2019 - Makeup Tryouts
11's-14's ...    Sun Oct 06    ...    2:00p-3:30p    ...    @ La Reina HS

Tues October 06, 2019 - Makeup Tryouts
11's-14's ...    Tues Oct 08    ...    5:30p-6:30p    ...    @ Teen Center

- Locations -
Colina Middle School, 1500 Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks
La Reina High School, 106 West Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks
Teen Center, 1375 East Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks

- Cost -
$30 with preregistration. $40 for walk-ins.


# - 15's-18's Age Divisions - #
15's-18's Club Tryouts ... Completed August 2019
Space Might Still Remain - Please Contact Our Director


Trevor Julian - Director, LAVA West
(cell) 818-631-7785


Further information on tryouts and its logistics, as well as what happens next in the process to join one of our teams.

We strongly recommend attending Primary Tryouts. Space on our teams is not guaranteed to remain past the primary tryout session. If you have a conflict, it is important to contact our Director to let our staff know you cannot attend the Primary Tryouts, but will be there for Makeups. The Director's contact info is on this page.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes in advance of tryouts. There can sometimes be a line that forms as athletes complete their registration process and receive their tryout shirts.

Our tryout process is very structured. There is a warm-up portion, followed by skills repetitions to show the athletes' grasp of fundamental techniques, followed by organized game-like scenarios. At the end of tryouts, the Director will address the group of athletes and their parents. After tryouts, the Director and coaches will be available for further conversation.

No. Unfortunately, we do have space constraints. In some age divisions we might only have one team, while in others we might have as many as three. It is possible all athletes in a given division will be able to find a home on one of our teams or in our program, but it is also possible we will have to make cuts.

The Director and coaches will talk to some players on-site during tryouts, as well as in the gym right after tryouts are over. However, most players will receive a phone call from the Director either that same day (Saturday) of the primary tryouts, or the following day Sunday to let athletes know where they stand.

You choose to accept or decline the offer. Hopefully, attending tryouts means you have already discussed with your parents exactly what it means to play club volleyball - it can be a significant time commitment, as well as monetary. If your parents are on board and you want to accept the offer, you give your verbal commitment to play. The verbal commitment is very important to us; it is you giving us your word that you commit to play on our team and it is us giving you our word that we will hold a spot for you. Welcome to LAVA!

On the Tuesday following tryouts, you are allowed to sign your official Commitment Letter. You download the document (click here to visit the commitment letter web page), sign it and submit it to our LAVA administration.

Wait for word from our admins! There will be a kick-off event in a couple weeks after tryouts to size uniforms, turn in paperwork, etc. We will keep you posted. Welcome again to LAVA!

2019-2020 CLUB SEASON

18’s Division
Born After 09/01/00

17’s Division
Born After 09/01/02

16’s Division
Born After 09/01/03

15’s Division
Born After 09/01/04

14’s Division
Born After 09/01/05

13’s Division
Born After 09/01/06

11's/12’s Divisions
Born After 09/01/07

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